All things for preparing for, setting up and running a build. Our main focus is to support each chapter in making their build process flow well, be safe and compliant, be scalable, and build a ton of beds!

Chapter President Handbook with all the information for new and old chapters. UPDATED OFTEN.

All the details on building beds in this amazing build manual.

Latest version of the NCR Tool List with Lowe’s model and item numbers, quantities needed for different type of builds.

Northern Tool Generators order form for at a great discount for these amazing generators for your chapter.

This is the bunk calculator on the google drive. To use it please download to your device.

Manage all your Bed Requests in the SHP Chapter Portal (SalesForce, formerly CX). Click the Login button at the top of the page.

Build Day Layout posters. The original, an 18″x24″ version for easy printing, and an 18″x24″ 2up version for printing.

Build Day Cut Sheet poster 18″x24″. Print out and laminate and for cutting station. Use a dry-erase marker to keep track of the quantities you need to cut.

This volunteer parking sign can be printed at your local print store.

Use this poster when people need to have access to the indemnification form.

Build Day & Delivery Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form as a PDF Document to download and print. URLs plus image files of URLs as QR codes.

This step-by-step instructional video helps you assemble a typical SHP bunk bed.

PDF version of the SHP COVID-19 Volunteer Certification with form fields to digitally fill out and print the form. Download the Word Document version of the certification here.

Build Day Covid-19 Posters

Build Day Stations

The ins and outs of preparing for, setting up and running a build. This is the official SHQ approved build process. Please follow it so we can provide the same experience to our volunteers.

This section will be updated soon with our existing and new content.

Build Day and Flow

To better help CPs understand and set up for a Build Day, this video walks you through some suggestions on how to set up efficiently for your volunteers.

Measure, Marking & Miter Saw Station

The cutting station can incorporate a number of volunteers and very scalable. Learn the proper way to measure and cut the individual pieces of wood.

Sanding Station

This station is probably the easiest station, yet the most time sensitive station.  Using palm sanders, this station can be the bottleneck to the whole train.

Side Rail & Safety Rail Tap Station

Using the custom designed 2/4” and 2/6” tap jigs, this station pre-marks the side railing in preparation to be drilled.

Slat Rail Assembly Station

Installing the 1x2x72” slat rail to the 2x6x75” side railing done before or after the side rail dipping station.

Side Rail & Safety Rail Dip Station

Using the custom designed dipping trough, this station is used to stain the 2x4x75” safety rails and 2x6x75” side rails.

Tap Station

Using the custom designed tap jig, each headboard piece is marked correctly in preparation for the drill press and headboard assembly station.

Drill Press Station

This station takes the pre-tapped headboard pieces and drills out the 5/16” holes.

Headboard Assembly Station

One of the more fun stations, here volunteers learn how to assembly pieces of prepared wood into headboards.

Headboard Finishing Station

Once the headboard is assembled, this station prepares the HB with dowel holes, counter sinks and top or bottom selection.

Headboard Dipping Station

Using the custom designed HB dipping tote, we stain the headboards using an environmentally friendly solution.

Wood Stacking

The proper way to stack headboards and side railings to avoid wood warping and other potential problems.