Chapter Portal Resources

Find all the information including screenshots and videos about the new Chapter Portal built on Salesforce and replacing the CX system we used before. Thank you again for all your support and for joining the last few sessions. In this email you will find the links to the last two recordings. I strongly encourage you to spend an hour or so and watch these sessions – they are very informative and clear on the entire process from beginning to end! If you are struggling, pelase watch the sessions as I feel they should help understand what needs to be done.

If you are sending out the URL ( you need to watch the recorded session to know how to link them back to the case!! I need all your help getting these linked to cases ASAP! Please watch the session and follow the instructions there ASAP.

System Generated Emails 

The system generates emails to the applicants and internally. This should help understand what’s being sent out and allow you to see what they look like and say.

Bed App Received

New Bed App Alert to Chapter Leaders

Bed Scheduled for Delivery

No Bed Inventory

No Beds Available – No Chapter


Chapter Portal training video 01 from May 25, 2022

Chapter Portal training video 02 from May 26, 2022

Chapter Portal training video from May 12, 2022