Our goal at SHQ is to provide you and your chapters with all the support you need (including all the support you don’t know you need). As you can imagine, it’s a lot of work for our volunteer team to help our volunteer teams.

Check Deposits

Mail Checks for Deposit to SHQ at PO Box 390780, Omaha, NE 68139

Please remember to write in the memo which SHP chapter the check is from.

Grants and Corporate Donation Requests

Do you have a Grant or Corporate Donation you are interested in for your Chapter? Email or Call the Grants Team first.

SHP Giving Program is an internal grant program comprising a series of funds that provide multiple opportunities for new and existing chapters to receive financial support.

A short tutorial video on how these planning spreadsheets work. If you have any questions your CSL should be your first stop.

SHP updated Travel and Expense Policy.

Use this form to submit your travel requests.

Instructions on the process for tracking and submitting mileage for reimbursement. You need to make a copy of this file to your MyDrive or download.

Instructions on the process for Per Diem Tracking & Reimbursement.

Important Divvy policy and procedures for using your card for your chapter.

Please use this form to request a divvy card for a new team member, or a replacement for yourself.

SHP Profit and Loss Report (P&L) for all of SHP Organization.

This purpose of this policy is to build and maintain an adequate level of funds to be used for unforeseen shortfalls or development proposals as approved by the Board of Directors.

SHP W-9 PDF document.

Fill out for every cash, money order, cashier’s check, or brokerage account check that you deposit into a US Bank branch or ATM and enter into DonorPerfect. This will ensure your chapter gets credit for your donations as quickly as possible