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Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) is an international organization responding to a real community problem of child bedlessness.  As such it is dedicated to building, assembling and delivering bunk beds to children in need.  The SHP motto is that “No Child Sleeps On The Floor In Our Town” and believes in providing each child with a comfortable bed to improve their sleep quality and restore dignity to families.  In short, SHP aims to end child bedlessness. To aid in this cause we have joined the over 230 Chapters in the USA, our two counterparts in Canada and founded the Windsor Chapter of Sleep In Heavenly Peace.

SHP is an inclusive, diverse, 100% volunteer run, donation-based, non-faith based community organization that endeavors to accommodate all children in need of a bed.

SHP research shows that there is a real international problem with 2% to 3% of children within all communities not having their own bed to sleep on. As such, children are seen sleeping on floors, couches, where ever; and, without the means to obtain a good night sleep. We recognize the three basic human needs are food, shelter and clothing; and, beds fit into the shelter category. 

In our county of Windsor – Essex there are approximately 95,000 children. Using 2% as our need factor, we see that there are approximately 1,900 children that need beds in our community.  We believe that with a good nights sleep, children awake more ready and capable to take on the challenges of each day.  

We aim to accomplish this goal through initiating an ongoing fundraising campaign that accepts monetary and in-kind gifts to aid our efforts in manufacturing new twin & bunk beds, obtaining new mattresses & new bedding, and building & delivering the beds. Our build days range from individual members from within the community, to concerned organizations and corporations choosing to host build days, offering volunteers for build days, or sponsoring build days. We engage all aspects of the community by allowing them to be part of the solution.


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Upcoming Events

Donation Drop-off Centre

Z’s Auto Service- Inside the front showroom
Location: 11293 Tecumseh Rd, E Windsor, ON N8R 1B1
Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm 
Donation Items:
New Twin Bedding
  • Pillows
  • Sheet Set
  • Comforters
  • Mattresses

Chapter Leadership

Brian Cyncora

Chapter President

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