Our Major Sponsors

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Lowe’s has been a Sleep in Heavenly Peace sponsor since 2011 through supplies discounts, manual labor, caring hearts, and so much more. Without hesitation, Lowe’s has provided:

  • Support from 14 different stores
  • Discounts ranging from 25-50% off of materials and tools (estimated to be worth around $50,000)
  • Volunteers from a number of stores through their Hero Program
  • Participation in 95% of all builds
  • Use of nearly five different facilities to use for builds

Lowe’s helped get SHP off the ground and they have been one of the biggest supporters thus far. SHP greatly appreciates everything Lowe’s continues to do to support the mission of “No Kid Sleeps on the Floor in Our Town!”

Lucid Mattress

SHP developed a relationship with Lucid at just the right time. They contacted SHP in a time of desperate need for mattresses and bedding. Thanks to Lucid, we were able to focus our precious donation dollars on building beds while they provided us with mattresses and bedding. Had they not stepped in to help, SHP would have grown at a much slower rate and would not have been able to provide beds to nearly as many children. 

Their contribution over the years has reached a value estimated at nearly $200,000. They continue to support SHP with great pricing and quality products.  Without Lucid Mattress, SHP would not be where it is today. They help us fulfill our vision to fill the gap and provide beds and bedding to children in need in our towns.