New Chapter Request (NCR) Resources


As a New Chapter Request (NCR) we are excited you have continued to take the steps to becoming a full fledged chapter of SHP. By now you’ve watched the recorded overview of SHP narrated by our founder Luke Mickelson, completed the new chapter application, and attended the Core Team Zoom meeting with your Regional mentor. The last step is to get to an in-person training weekend to learn the ins and outs of running a successful chapter of SHP.

Below are some resources/links that should help give you some more information of SHP and how to begin the process of starting a chapter.

Training Details…

2022 Training Dates

January 14 & 15 – Twin Falls, ID
April 22 & 23 – Lehi, UT
July 15 & 16 – Lehi, UT
Oct 14 & 15 – Lehi, UT

2023 Training Dates

January 20 &21
April 14 & 15
June 16 & 17
August 18 & 19
October 20 & 21

Here is a general overview of the schedule we follow for training. Begins on Friday late afternoon and all day Saturday. It is expected and required you attend all of it so please plan accordingly.

This checklist is a good way to keep track of what’s next for you along the path towards a new chapter.

Getting Started…

This checklist is a good way to keep track of what’s next for you along the path towards a new chapter.
You can not be successful long term without a strong team around you. Use this document to find others willing to get involved with your chapter in a deeper way.
A copy of the presentation you went through with your Regional Mentor for your review.
A good brochure/handout to email or print as needed.
Recommended starter tool set.
As you tell your story, tell all potential donors that a bunk bed costs $400 (includes lumber, hardware, mattress, sheets, comforter, pillow.) Ready to sleep in.


It is very important that all fundraising dollars go through SHP, even at this early stage. This document contains instructions on how to make that happen.
This is intended to give you credibility when fundraising. Email or print as needed.
This validates that we are a non-profit and includes the tax id #. Email or print as needed.
Modify this and use as your own. Present at clubs (Lions, Rotary, Optimist, etc.), schools, family advocate groups, etc. Get out and tell your story to start building momentum.

Who we are and how we got here…

You can find more videos on our Media page.